UFC 141 Predictions

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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141 –

The UFC 2011 calendar will come to a close on December 30th, with a blockbuster main event between two of the biggest bodies in MMA today. Brock Lesnar will challenge Alistair Overeem to see who is the number 1 contender in the heavy weight division. The Co-Main Event will be between the former WEC star Donald Cerrone, and the season 5, TUF winner Nate Diaz.


Lesnar/Overeem – Overeem(TKO in 2nd Round.)

Cerrone/Diaz – Cerrone(TKO in 1st Round.)

Fitch/Hendricks – Fitch(Unanimous Decision)

Matyushenko/Gustaffson – Gustaffson(KO in 2nd Round.)

Pham/Hettes – Pham(Unanimous Decision)

Pearson/Assuncao – Pearson(Unanimous Decision)

Njokuiani/Castillo – Njokuiani(KO in 1st Round.)




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